Outpatient Counseling

Our highly trained master level clinicians provide behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment for individuals of all ages. We are dedicated to making a difference in our client’s life and breaking the stigma around substance use disorder and mental illnesses.

We work with a multidisciplinary team and are committed to high quality, evidence-based and strength-based approaches, while following the guideline of best practices. Our assessments are comprehensive and holistic to create an individualized action plan that works for our clients. We empower our clients to take the lead in their treatment, and we are here to assist in their journey of improving their life.

Therapies are conducted in a hybrid version of in-person and Zoom meeting based on the individual’s needs.

Outpatient Continuum of Care

For counseling:

Heart-to-Heart Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) Program

For recovery coaching:

Hospital Emergency Action Recovery Team (HEART)

For care coordination:

Behavioral Health Community Partner (BHCP)

For substance use day treatment:

Structured Outpatient Addictions Program | Intensive Outpatient Program

For integrated care:

Greater South Shore Behavioral Health Collaborative