Beal Street

Beal Street is an adolescent group home for transitional age youth focusing on independent living skills and permanency including family reunification.

BSCS is proud to provide residential services through the Caring Together Initiative. We utilize evidence-based and trauma-informed practices to serve youth and families involved in our care. Our residential programs provide a comprehensive, clinically sophisticated service, which is strength based, youth guided, and family focused. Our programs are designed to develop services to support the needs identified by the youth, family, and referral agencies.

The Beal Street program provides out of home treatment for adolescents ages 15-20. Beal Street coordinates and provides a variety of fully integrated services on-site and in the community; including intensive family therapy, individual therapy, clinical case management, groups, and behavioral therapy. Youth are referred by the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Mental Health, Caring Together, or other referral sources. The length of stay for youth can vary depending on the time frame in which treatment goals are met. Beal Street recognizes that each adolescent and family is in a unique situation and strives to meet his/her individual needs.

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Beal Street provides twenty-four-hour care for our adolescents at a 4 youth to 1 staff ratio. This includes fulfilling basic needs, coordinating an educational program, providing individual and group counseling, promoting a variety of recreational activities, and assisting youth to further their independent living skills. We strongly encourage youth to maintain their ties with the community as well as develop new, life-long supports.

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA)
  • Skills Assessment
  • Treatment Interventions
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Milieu Therapy
  • Educational Support

The Beal Street program has two tracks of treatment: the family reunification track and the independent living track.

Family Reunification Track

For youth in the family reunification track, the clinical treatment focuses on strengthening the functioning of the family system and fostering optimal emotional, behavioral and psychological growth. Youth on the family reunification track are encouraged to spend as much time at home with family as is clinically appropriate. Family participation in treatment planning, visits, and family therapy is necessary to meet the family’s goals. Beal Street believes that working with each youth’s family is an integral part of being at Beal Street. The program strongly encourages family participation with the program and referral agencies in developing the goals of each youth’s stay. Staff are available to support the youth and family during meetings and visits.

Independent Living Skills Track

The independent living skills track is designed for youth whose goal is to develop independent living skills while working on their permanency plan. They attend school in the community or obtain a HiSET. Youth are encouraged to pursue options for higher education or vocational training. The program assists youth to get a job and work on skills that will enhance their ability to be independent. They are provided with group services, on-site clinical case management, and family work.

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